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Bulk Rates Available! Please contact us with large orders for discounted rates.

Video Cassette Transfers

Video under 1 hour

x 14.95
$ 0.00

Video over 1 hour *

x 25.00

$ 0.00
Price Per Extra Copy *please provide details below x 9.00
$ 0.00

Video to Hard Drive (per hour)

x 22.50
$ 0.00

Accepted Formats:
Hi8, Digital 8, Video 8, VHS-C, VHS, DVD, MiniDVD, Betamax, MiniDV. Please inquire if your format isn't listed.*Video over 4 hours (per tape) an additional $20.

Hard Drive transfers priced per hour and formatted in .AVI. Conversion of .MOV files is an additional fee. Custom edits are $50/hr. Please contact for more detail.

*Hard Drive Orders Please Note: Please indicate in the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION BOX below if you need a hard drive supplied by us (for an additional fee) or if you will be including one with your order. If you supply, we request a new, unused USB external hard drive that is compatible with both MAC and PC. We will not accept hard drives with personal information to ensure safety of your files. We also do not accept NAS devices or internal drives.

8mm Film & 16mm Film Transfers
Reel Size/Footage Guide

3'' = 50FT
4'' = 100FT
5'' = 200FT
6'' = 300FT
7'' = 400FT
3'' reels $ 0.00
4'' reels $ 0.00
5'' reels $ 0.00
6'' reels $ 0.00
7'' reels $ 0.00
  • Standard Definition 720x480                      
  • High Definition       1920x1080
Standard Def. (for DVD)
High Def. (for Blu-ray)
  How much of this footage is sound? x.20 per foot $ 0.00

Transfer to Hard Drive Only

  • *Hard drive not included, please see note above for details. Ask for purchase options.
  • *Film to DVD add an additional .05/ft. Film to Bluray add an additional .10/ft
  • *ALL hard drive files options add $200. (SD, HD, Image Files) ARCHIVE VALUE!
  • Contact us for more options and details.
Yes No
(No discs, 1 choice of SD, HD, Image Sequence files only)
$ 0.00

Price Per Extra Copy (per disc)

x 9.00 $ 0.00

Slide, Negative and Photo Transfers
Contact us with any questions regarding formats of negatives and slides. Slides are transferred at economy 1200dpi or High Resolution 4000dpi. Additional fees may apply for non-standard formats. 1200dpi Slide/Neg x .50
$ 0.00
4000dpi Slide/Neg x .75
$ 0.00
Photos x .60
$ 0.00
Print Service 4x6 - 4.00 each
$ 0.00

Audio to MP3 or CD

Priced per hour of audio

x 20.00 for Audio Cassette $ 0.00
x 25.00 for Reel-to-Reel $ 0.00
  Format MP3

  TOTAL $ 0.00

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