What's happening at One Flip Media?

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We admit it. We are horrible at blogging on our own site.

We are often helping other small businesses create posts, news articles and overall content for their websites to help them succeed with their online presence. Along with that we are also helping larger companies archive their older media to newer technologies. We have been currently transferring the old video archive for Kansas City Power & Light. From machine maintenance, old news reels and monitoring, we were chosen to update their media to DVD for easier access of their library.

We have also been transferring some pretty amazing civil rights archival film from back in the 60's. Rare, complete footage of interviews from those who stood up for equality that would eventually lead to the Mississippi Freedom Summer. It is an honor to work on and see the progress of this 16mm film turn into HD video footage. All of this along with 80 years of family memories to DVD and a family archive website, carousels of slides, stack of negatives, video tapes and reel-to-reel audio are just a few more projects in the mix.


On a more personal level, our family has watched one child charge through the ranks in volleyball and is now preparing for the USA Volleyball National Tournament this summer! Our other child is tearing his way through high school track with a javelin and National Honor Society of Arts! How can a parent not be so proud? It is easy to get caught up in such awesome stories through One Flip Media. Every person who walks through the door tells a story. Every story sentimental, historical, personal. It is just as important for us to create these memories within our own home and we make that the most important task at hand. Though not every memory might not be in the headlines and shouted from the roof-tops, they are an integral part of our lives, our community, and as each story mixes and folds into another it creates small changes to huge forks in the road for all of us.

We honor and appreciate your trust and understand the importance of doing it right and to the best of our ability. So, we might be horrible at blogging on a regular basis but we'd like to think it is because we are keeping busy by being awesome in other parts of our business and personal lives.

Thank you again for being part of our One Flip Media family!

Remember to Capture... Create... Remember the moments.