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"The work turned out great. They did everything that they said they would do, at the price they said they would do, and it was excellent quality." - C.B., Yorktown, VA

"...They communicated very well, throughout the process. They delivered a quality product on time, as promised. I was a bit uncertain regarding shipping our family films so far away, but they reassured me they would take care of everything and I had little to worry about. They were right!" - Brian G., Ohio

"Very well ... quick communication regarding my msg and details for the work required followed up by a call discussing the details of what actually was found on the VHS tapes to be converted and then an email stating date completed and return of DVD's ... nice work." - Ernest M., Virginia Beach, VA

"One Flip took very old (50 years +) 8 mm films and transferred to a hard drive and made one copy of video of all the films. Per discussion with One Flip, their equipment does a frame by frame snapshot of every image on the original film. One flip has the equipment to clean and improve, within limits, the original film to provide a high quality video that can be transferred to DVD or Thumbdrive etc.

I was very pleased with One Flip. The owner is very easy to talk with and has done this for many years. She demonstrated great expertise and experience in dealing with old films. She took great care of my original 8mm films, carefully labelling them for future reference. I am very pleased with the output. These are, to me, priceless family heritage that I have not seen in many, many years. They are now in a format that I can share with my siblings for their own heritage and family memories for their children and grandchildren. Some of the videos were originally taken in the late 1940s or early 1950s. One Flip took great care with them." - Michael M., North Kansas City, MO

"The owner was professional and proficient performing this task during a Christmas rush before I traveled to Pittsburgh, PA. The images and DVD's were a delight for all of us and especially for my 90 year old mother. The price and work performed are nothing short of excellent! Going back for more work this week." - Marty D., Kansas City, Kansas - 8mm Film to DVD

"This professional transferred old and very fragile film (40's and 50's) to Bluray DVD without losing any of it. They did a beautiful job and I am very grateful not to have lost any of these precious memories of my parents, sister and myself." - Nancy W., Bellevue, Washington - 8mm Film to Bluray

"I have seen the DVD's several times now, and just wanted to let you know what an awesome job you and your team did. Our early memories can be passed down for generations. YOU-made my father cry!!!! hahaha - we discussed names and memories. I am so glad I used your company. AWESOME!!!"
- Brian G., Ohio - 8mm Film Transfer

"After cleaning out our mother's house, we came across stacks of old family VHS tapes. One Flip Media, LLC took those videos and combined them onto professional- looking DVDs that will preserve those memories for years to come. No hassles and job completed in a short time." -Nancy B, Kansas - VHS to DVD Transfer

 "I contacted One Flip Media through Angie's List with e-mail and got an immediate response, and personal phone call.  They were very helpful and understanding of our needs. I sent the package and she let me know exactly when it arrived. Then through out the time the Transfer of Silent 8/S8 film to DVD was processed was updated personally and with e-mail. It was a large order: (9) 3 inch reels, (3) 5 inch reels and (10) 7 inch reels,  and they were done in a fast timely fashion. They put all the film on a 1 TB External Hard Drive For Film files, made HD DVD's,  and a BD-R set also. We are very happy with the results and really enjoyed the old movies while watching the DVDs on HD TV. These films were old 1956 - 1982 and they cleaned the film before transferring it also. I liked the personal care given to our order. It was professionally done. I will definitely send more of our other kinds of tapes: VHS and camera video tapes to them for transfer in future."
- Mary L. L., Montevideo, MN - 8mm Film Transfer

 "Very friendly and helpful. We were transferring family VHS tapes onto DVDs as Christmas gifts. Very easy to contact. Kept me informed of the progress and had them before Christmas."
- Mary P. H., St. Louis, MO - Home Movies to DVD

 "One Flip copied over 100 8mm home movies to DVD for us. Everything about the experience was excellent: very good quality, excellent communication and updates on progress, friendly, helpful and professional. Highly recommend One Flip for any of the services they provide."
- John M, Golden, CO - 8mm Film Transfer to DVD

 "Process went very well.  The quality of the work was excellent and the company stayed in constant touch via e-mail. I would definitely use them again." - John, Norfolk, VA - Home Movies to DVD

 "...We watched them while my Mom was in town and they turned out great.  It turns out that she had never seen the video from her wedding, 60 years ago, so that was a real treat! Thanks."- Eric, Mission Hills, KS - 8mm Film to DVD

 "Everything has worked great!!! I am done editing and putting them together and am in the process of copying them to discs for family members. I was able to use Windows Movie Maker. They are going to make great Christmas gifts!!! I can't wait to see how my brothers and sister react to watching them. Thank you so much!" - Pam, St. Joseph, MO - Home Movies Transfer to Hard Drive

 "They were very good. I had some very old slides that were over 30 years old, and nobody ever gets to see them. So, they turned the slides into high-quality pictures that I can see on the computer. They could also make them into a movie sort of thing but I had too many of them. I have seen some of their products in web design, which they also do, and I was very impressed with that. They showed me samples of some of their work as I was there. They made high-quality duplications of my slides. They are very friendly and very easy to work with. I thought they were also cost-effective. They were very responsive. I was very much impressed by the work that they did, and the openness and the honesty. The whole interaction with them has been a positive experience."  - Ingrid, Stillwell, KS - 35mm Slides to CD/DVD

 "I sent off an old VHS recording of a TV show that featured my business, and I got back a DVD that was much cleaner (the VHS was almost unwatchable) in a very short time, at a reasonable price. They were very helpful when I emailed them, and sent my tape and the DVD back promptly." -Patti, Cambridge, ME - VHS to DVD

 "We had great praises for the video this year. Thank you for working with us, both at the last minute and with attention to detail. Your work speaks for itself. We would be pleased to recommend you whenever you might need it. Thanks again."  - John and Jane, Leawood, KS (High School Team Video) - Video Slideshow

 "One Flip Media, LLC is one of the best companies I have ever worked with. They built the website for Thunder Eagle Ridge Youth Camp & Retreat, Inc. Everything I needed, was provided with joy and kindness... We are so happy with the results! ... I would not recommend anyone other than One Flip Media, LLC for website design! One Flip Media, LLC put the service back in customer service!"  - Michelle S., Executive Director, Thunder Eagle Ridge Youth Camp & Retreat, Macks Creek, MO - Website Design Service

 "I can’t begin to express how delighted I am with the three DVD’s and my updated Web Site.  She did a wonderful job on all projects!...I could not ask
for a better, supportive and knowledgeable individual to work with.  It appears this will be an ongoing relationship..."
-Cheryl C., Chicago, IL - Custom DVD's, Website Development and Maintenance

 "One Flip Media, LLC has converted videos and pictures into DVD's for me and my family and it was the best thing I have ever done to keep the memories forever. The service was prompt and the job right and on time. The price was super reasonable and I am very happy with the work. I recommend her to any of my friends."   - Ziba V., Omaha, NE - Photo Scanning to CD

 "Thank you very much for taking the time to convert the VHS to DVD for us. It worked perfectly and was a big hit with the families over the weekend." - Brian J., Council Bluffs, IA - Home Video to DVD

 "I recently had over 50 8 MM reels of film from the 1950s and 1960s transferred to DVD by One Flip Media, LLC of Omaha. I could not be happier with the results. I recommend One Flip Media, LLC highly. You will not be disappointed. The DVDs are beautiful. The service was very personal and professional. I will be back with my 8MM reels from the 1970s as well as my VHS home videos in the near future." -Cynthia C., Papillion, NE - 8mm Film to DVD

 "I took my family’s old 8mm movies and VCR tapes to One Flip Media, LLC Designs for transfer to DVD.  We were thrilled with the results.  Received the finished product in only two weeks.  Truly a pleasure to deal with.  Will recommend to all my friends and I’ll be back with more!  Thanks!" -Carol R., Omaha, NE - 8mm Film to DVD, Home Movies to DVD

"...Everyone loved the DVD.  I think it was the hit of the party.  I can't tell you how many times my oldest [daughter] has watched it. Thank you very much..."    
-Hope D., Smithfield, NC   (50th Wedding Anniversary) - Custom Photo Montage

 "I'm simply speechless.....all I know to say is thank you...which seems so inadequate.  I wouldn't change a thing...Its just perfect."-Lori L., Smithfield, NC (Family Story Video Slideshow) - Custom Video/Photo Montage

 "The video was great and my dad, and everyone, was really impressed.  It was the highlight of the party.  Thanks again. "
-Mark M., Omaha, NE (Retirement Montage)

 "The DVD you did of my mother was superb.  Thanks for helping to capture a part of my mother’s life that will be enjoyed for years to come.  I never thought a DVD would be so enjoyable and so professionally done until I saw your work. I will definitely let others know of your talent.  Thanks for helping preserve the memories of a great lady."
-Craig O., Clayton, NC (Memorial DVD, Life Story DVD)

"...The (wedding) video was very much loved and everyone had a good laugh and a good cry. Thank you for everything. You did a wonderful job..."  
-Becky D., Selma, NC (Wedding Montage)

 "One Flip Media, LLC created me such a wonderful memory. They captured the excitement of my "last night out" along with my beautiful bridal shower. They combined the two wonderful moments of my life and made it something I will have for years to come. The added music and graphics made it just so much more enjoyable than just looking through a photo album or watching a picture disc. I loved the product so much that I plan on using them for my wedding. I will also keep them in mind for any other events and will continue to refer them to everyone I know. I feel it is way more personal than just the snap shots alone. One Flip Media, LLC was very easy to work with and they strived to meet my needs with adding their special touch." -Carolyn V., Emmaus, PA (Bridal Shower Montage)

 "I would like to give a testimonial to One Flip Media, LLC and the excellent capturing onto DVD of my 50th birthday party. The graphics snapped right along to the pictures and the soundtrack. There were a couple of videos included that really captured the moment. The really great thing was being able to see the party from another viewpoint in such a fast turn around. I was able to see things from a different perspective, and see the things that I had missed. The other great thing about having this recorded onto DVD is that I can share it now with any of my friends or relatives that weren't able to be there. Also, I have shown it to most of the people that were at the party so they could see themselves from the camera's viewpoint. Everyone really enjoyed the whole video diary. I would highly recommend One Flip Media, LLC to anyone that has an event they would like to treasure and share. " -Sincerely,  Steve M., Selma, NC (50th Birthday DVD)

"My little girls third birthday was a special time for our entire family. Three is such magical age.  A lot of preparation went into her party. There was the dress that my daughter could not wait to wear and would ask every night before she went to bed if she could wear it when the sun came out in the morning. Then there was the castle cake, made for a princess. We took lots of pictures of all the guests, the events, and of course, of our princess. We downloaded everything from our camera onto the computer. We thought our treasured pictures were safe. Then our computer was attacked by a very aggressive virus and we lost everything, including the pictures of our little girls special day. I cannot express how sad we were. Luckily, other people had taken pictures and we had everything sent to One Flip Media, LLC via email.  When our family sat down together to watch the disk that we received from One Flip Media, LLC , it was a very emotional experience. They didn't just preserve our memories, they gave us back something we thought we had lost. And for that we will be forever grateful. Thank you One Flip Media, LLC !"     
Sincerely, Mari P., Benson, NC  (Custom Birthday DVD)